new M-Max Platforms Roadmap
M-Max Platforms Roadmap M-Max Family Of Rugged Platforms The platform is not a standard model of a computer, a system can be ordered based on a certain platform with a certain amount of I/O ports that does not exceed the highest number available. M-Max Family Of Computers Built To Work Under Extreme Conditions: Low and high temperature range (From −40 to +75 °C) Protected from dirt, dust and moisture (up to IP66) Vibration and Shock (6g/ 40g) Major Features: Exceptional reliability due to absence of moving parts (Up to15years of service) Very high availability— frequency of required system maintenance is over 7 years Passive cooling system, no outside air intake Custom built systems Two levels of shock and vibration isolation M-Max Systems are built with our patented technology to dissipate excessive heat from computer boards and other electronic devices working in high vibration environments. This patented design enables the removal of heat from electronic components housed on a circuit board vibroinsulated from an enclosure. What is The M-Max Platform? PLATFORM is a base model with a set of basic features. Basic Features: Performance of CPU and GRU cores Type and available range of RAM (min / max) Type and size ofavailable storage (min / max) Types and number of available I/O ports (min) Resilience to external factors ( min / max) Power Consumption (min) Platform — Product Project Flow:
new M-Max 950 CU
M-Max 950 CU High Performance Rugged 19/2” System with Extended GPU Performance The M-Max 950 CU high-performance rugged industrial computer provides reliable operation in tough environments. The fully-ruggedized 19/2"-type aluminum chassis is fanless and uses natural convection and conduction cooling in accordance with MIL-STD-810 standards. COTS technology components allow configuring the M-Max 950 family to comply with a wide variety of airborne, marine and ground vehicle applications. Delivering outstanding performance comparable to high-end desktop systems, it also features extended graphics capabilities, providing up to 6x HDMI outputs.
new Elton
Elton High-Performance Carrier System for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module Ideal Platform for compute-intensive rugged embedded applications With its NVIDIA Xavier computing power, rugged design, and PCIe/104 expansion capability, Elton offers the ideal platform for implementing high performance computing and AI applications in mobile and harsh environments. Elton utilizes the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier embedded computer module to deliver unmatched performance for AI, machine learning, image processing, and other compute-intensive tasks. The Xavier module delivers up to 30 TeraOps in performance (3×1013 operations per second) at a maximum power dissipation of 30 watts. Xavier also offers scalable performance for applications requiring lower overall power consumption of 10 or 15 watts. The module runs at 32 TOPs on a 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores and accelerators, enabling high-performance AI-powered autonomous machines like never before. At 87×100mm (3.4×3.9″) it is slightly bigger than the other Jetson modules. Elton provides numerous sockets for I/O expansion. An industry-standard camera module socket supports the attachment of up to 8 CSI cameras (up to 4 cameras with 4K resolution). An M.2 socket supports the use of PCIe x4 NVMe flash storage up to 256GB. An LTE module socket supports the use of NimbeLink SkyWire cellular modems, featuring a broad range of solutions with worldwide compatibility. Standard PC-style I/O on Elton includes 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, HD audio, HDMI and LVDS display, and 4 RS-232/422/485 ports with software configurability. All I/O is provided on pin headers that are compatible with both common non-latching and rugged latching mating cables, making Elton ideal for applications in environments subject to high shock and vibration. NVIDIA Meets PC/104 Unique among NVIDIA computing module carriers, Elton employs a PCI/104-Express expansion socket. The socket provides support for PCI-104, PCIe/104 type 2 (x8 lane), and PCIe/104 OneBank expansion modules (4×1 lanes), enabling rapid creation of truly rugged, custom-configured, high performance, PCIe-based solutions using off-the-shelf I/O modules from a large number of manufacturers worldwide. Typical PCIe/104 I/O expansion includes 1G/10G Ethernet, video capture, and high resolution video display. A wide variety of industrial I/O modules, including analog, digital, serial, motion control, and other types is also available. Data Acquisition A built-in data acquisition circuit provides 12-bit A/D up to 1MSPS, 12-bit D/A, and 3.3V GPIO. DiamondТs free C-language programming library simplifies application development, while a GUI control panel offers convenient control and monitoring of real-world processes as well as ready-to-run data logging capability. Unique and Rugged Unique among NVIDIA module carriers, Elton offers a full PCI/104-Express expansion socket with PCIe x8, PCIe x1, and PCI expansion capabilities in a solution designed for vehicle and harsh environment applications. Elton bridges the world of NVIDIA high performance computing and graphics capabilities and the world of PC/104 rugged systems. Elton is the first product to bring NVIDIA into the PC/104 ecosystem and helps to prove the enduring value of PC/104 as the PCIe expansion system of choice for small form factor, high performance, rugged embedded computer systems.
new Jethro
Jethro Miniature, I/O-rich carrier board for NVidia Jetson TX2 / TX2i module Jethro offers a compact, low cost solution for implementation of high-performance computing solutions based on the NVidia Jetson TX2/TX2i computer modules. Jethro provides access to most I/O features of the Jetson modules, including camera, Ethernet, USB, and serial. In addition it features a unique data acquisition circuit with analog input, analog output, and digital I/O to enable Jethro to interface to the «real world» of analog and digital sensors and controls. All I/O on Jethro uses latching connectors for increased resistance to shock and vibration. This plus an operating temperature range of −40 to +85°C make Jethro an ideal choice for deploying Jetson computing technology in vehicle or outdoor environments. Diamond provides a complete Linux BSP for Jethro with built-in support for all I/O including the data acquisition features. A GUI provides convenient real-time control of the data acquisition I/O Mass storage Jethro contains an M.2 2242 size socket for the addition of up to 256GB of additional SATA-based mass storage. A micro-SD socket is also provided. Expansion capabilities A PCIe minicard socket enables the installation of additional I/O to meet the needs of diverse applications. A modem socket on Jethro enables the installation of cost-effective and pre-approved Nimbelink™ Skywire® cellular modems featuring a range of global cellular standards.
new ZiggyBox
ZiggyBox Compact, cost-effective system for NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX2i modules The ZiggyBox provides a compact and highly cost effective solution for AI at the edge and machine learning applications for industrial and lab applications. It is based oround the NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX2i advanced computing module with NVIDIA Pascal-family GPU technology. The Jetson module is housed in a rugged miniature enclosure measuring only 63x67x96mm / 2.4x2.6x3.7". ZiggyBox offers easy access to the most popular Jetson I/O features, including Ethernet, USB 3.0 / 2.0 / OTG ports, HDMI display, and 2 RS-232 ports. The built-in carrier board adds a valuable data acquisition circuit with real-world analog and digital I/O features and software support. An integrated heat sink provides reliable operation at up to 85°C without forced air. With its integrated Linux OS and table-top / DIN rail mounting options, ZiggyBox is ready to be deployed wherever the combination of high-performance computing and ultra-compact size are required. Data Acquisition ZiggyBox contains a full-fledged analog and digital I/O circuit that provides control and monitoring of real-world events such as sensor inputs, temperature control, keypads/switches, and industrial processes. The 6 analog inputs feature 0-3.3V input range and programmable 12-bit up to 16-bit resolution, with user-controllable filtering and averaging for noise reduction. The 2 analog outputs offer 12-bit resolution and 0-3.3V output range. The 13 DIO feature 3.3V logic levels. All features are supported by Diamond’s built-in data acquisition driver software, featuring a programming library with application demos plus an interactive GUI-based control program that offers real-time access and control.
new Ziggy
Ziggy Miniature, low-cost carrier board for NVidia Jetson TX2 / TX2i module Ziggy offers a compact, low cost platform for evaluation of Jetson computer modules as well as implementation of a marketable solution for AI and machine learning applications. Ziggy provides access to the most popular I/O features of the Jetson modules, including camera, Ethernet, USB, and serial. In addition it features a unique data acquisition circuit with analog input, analog output, and digital I/O to enable Ziggy to interface to the «real world» of analog and digital sensors and controls. Diamond provides a complete Linux BSP for Ziggy with built-in support for all I/O including the data acquisition features. A GUI provides convenient real-time control of the data acquisition I/O. The ZiggyBox is a cost-effective, compact, complete turnkey Jetson computing solution consisting of a Jetson TX2/TX21i module installed on a Ziggy carrier board and housed in an enclosure with table-top, wall mount, or DIN-rail mount capability.
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