new M-Max V75 Short chassis
M-Max V75 Short chassis Rugged VITA 75-compliant Conduction-cooled Enclosure Technical specifications Material: Aluminum T6061 Heat dissipation: 14W Cooling system: Natural convection and conduction cooling for inside modules; Natural convection cooling for outside surfaces Capacity: 1 PC/104 or similar board Mechanical (W x H x L): 8 x 1.5 x 7.4 in (203.2 х 38 х 188 mm) Weight (approx.): 1320 g / 2.91 lbs Environmental and physical specifications for typical systems Dust/Moisture: IP66 Operating Temperature: -40 to +70 °C @ 11W Humidity: Operating: 5 to 95 % at +25 °C, non-condensing Vibration Operating acceleration amplitude up to 2.5g Shock: Maximum peak shock acceleration up to 40g
new M-Max SW208
M-Max SW208 Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch M-Max SW208 is a ruggedized 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2+ Managed Switch providing reliable operation in tough environments including transportation (ground, rail, air and marine), agriculture, and mining and processing. It accepts a wide power supply voltage input, and is tested and guaranteed over temperature range of −40 to +75°C. Its rugged enclosure is designed according to VITA75 footprint. The SW208 has eight 10/100/1000 Mbps copper twisted pair ports. Support for control and management is through web interface, and host processor access through a Command Line Interface (CLI). MicroMax, as a manufacturer of ruggedized industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client. Our engineering group can design M-Max systems to fit customer-specific technical requirements.
Gateway-CAN-MVB2 Rugged Intelligent Locomotive Gateway The Gateway-CAN-MVB2 rugged computer is used to decode signals between railroad continuous Automatic Train Control (ATC) systems with CAN interfaces or similar devices and onboard systems utilizing Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB). This fanless intelligent Gateway is designed to be used in onboard safety systems installed in locomotives, high speed trains such as Velaro, Desiro and others. The system can be easily adapted to the technical requirements of different railroad vehicles. This IP65 rated system is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with dual shock and vibration protection. It is based on proven PC/104 technology, and its compact design and low power makes it the ideal solution for on-board smart interface conversion.
M-Max 810 EP/MMS
M-Max 810 EP/MMS High Performance Rugged ATR-System M-Max 810 EP/MMS is a rugged industrial computer with the highest performance available at the moment for systems with passive cooling system.   The computer is developed to provide reliable operation in harsh environments for critical applications. The fully-ruggedized ATR-type aluminum chassis is fanless and uses natural convection and conduction cooling in accordance with MIL-STD-810 standards.   This unique fully sealed fanless ATR enclosure is especially designed to house PC/104 form-factor boards. Providing shock and vibration protection, the Max 810 EP/MMS can operate under extreme temperatures (-40..+55 °C), dust, and humidity.   Delivering excellent performance thanks to Intel Core i7 CPU (2.1-3.0 GHz), it also features excellent 2D and 3D graphics capabilities via VGA and HDMI interfaces. Storage system consists of industrial SSDs with RAID functionality.   MicroMax, as a manufacturer of industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client and is able to develop and produce even one-off systems.  
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