Impact-O-Graph (Impact Recorders "M" Series)
Impact-O-Graph (Impact Recorders "M" Series) Reusable Impact Recorder Three mass-spring styluses work independently of each other, each measuring one axis - X, Y and Z. Each stylus operates by angular vibration with one degree of freedom in the direction it monitors. The mechanical, friction-free linkage from each stylus' inertia mass converts motion from any of the three directions into the same plane and draws these forces onto the chart paper for easy reading. Recorders are delivered ready to use with paper and battery already installed (no ink is used). An Operations Manual is provided with each recorder. 1. Mount the Impact Recorder securely to the object to be monitored. 2. Remove the stylus guard and set the chart paper to the starting time. 3. Turn the recorder on. Lock the cover if desired. The recorder is ready to document impacts on pressure sensitive paper. The three bracket styli can be ordered with the same or different G-levels, for example: 2x, 15y, 6z. The appropriate G-level will depend on several factors, including product sensitivities, mode of transport and packaging.  
Shock Indicator Labels
Shock Indicator Labels Highly visible shock labels indicate when an excessive impact occurs that can potentially damage products. A visual reminder to handle with care as carriers know the package is being monitored. Can help identify trouble spots in the transportation chain. Labels are tamperproof and turn red when an excessive impact occurs. Available in 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g, and 100g. Multilingual Shock Indicator Labels, Companion Alert Labels and Serialized Shock Indicator Labels are available.
Trans-Monitor Single use impact indicator Trans-Monitor is the ideal low cost impact indicator for use in safeguarding your shipments by creating a high level of awareness and accountability in the transportation chain. Provides undisputable proof of rough handling at change points or final delivery. This reduces warranty and insurance disputes and improves customer satisfaction. High value, technically sensitive, fragile or simply finding the weak spots in your tansport chain,Trans-Monitor has an immediate positive effect. A Trans-Monitor consists of two sets of spring loaded steel balls mounted in a rugged housing with a transparent window. The springs are calibrated to withstand forces up to the g rating of the unit. If impacts of a greater than rated value are imposed, the balls will dislodge from their set positions. The Trans-Monitor is all-directional. It registers impacts from any angle. When an impact takes place, one or more balls are forced out of their socket. Since the ball and spring sets are at a 90° angle from each other, any excessive g force will displace at least one of the balls.
Protect-A-Pak Single-use Shock Indicator Protect-A-Pak is one of the worlds most popular single-use, dual axis, and low-cost impact indicators. Provides a visual indication that hidden damage may have occurred. Usually used on shipping boxes and helps confirm the effectiveness of packaging. The cross spring and bearing design is engineered for simplicity and responsiveness. When used with alert labels, a Protect-A-Pak reduces the incidence of damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored.
OMNI-G Reusable Shock Indicator The Omni-G is a resettable impact indicator that can be reused hundreds of times using the resetting tweezers. The cross spring and ball bearing design registers impacts from all directions. Provides an immediate indication of possible hidden damage. Set the spring loaded ball sets with coordinating color using tweezers. When set, screw together the two transparents pieces to create a dome. Adhere OMNI-G to product or shipping box, screw it on to a wooden shipping pallet or mount it on mounting plate and screw on to shipping surface. The Omni-G is designed with two sets of spring loaded steel balls that become dislodged and fall into a transparent dome when struck with an impact that exceeds the preset g-level.
Digi-Shock G/GT
Digi-Shock G/GT Impact and Temperature Recorder The Digi-Shock G is a reusable digital shock recorder that monitors impacts up to 25g or 100g.* The Digi-Shock GT is a reusable digital shock and temperature recorder that monitors impacts up to 25g or 100g* and records temperature events. A mission control software (included) is easy-to-use and allows for quick and simple set-up of mission parameters. A mission summary provides the start and end date of the mission, highest and lowest temperature (only Digi-Shock GT), with the largest impacts on each axis during a journey. An LED visual indication displays when user defined alarm parameters are exceeded at any time, advising users that the monitored product may have been damaged and should be inspected immediately. Features Fully reusable long-life device Records X, Y and Z axes and temperature User-defined alarm levels LED alarm and power lights Simple Windows-based software for quick and easy set up and evaluation Software not required to retrieve encrypted data file at destination 25g model has higher data resolution Impact duration (all models) Mission data can be e-mailed or downloaded directly into the software for evaluation Serialized identification for security Complete data analysis of the transportation time, with acceleration values on all axes and temperature (only Digi-Shock GT) Zoom feature for specific time slots evaluation Data export and print capabilities Mission Software Mission graphs provide a detailed report of each mission. This enables customers to view every single event during a journey. Mission Summary provides the start and end date of the mission, plus the largest impacts on each axis during a journey. An encrypted mission file can be downloaded and emailed without the software installed. Enables user to view the mission file (requires software) immediately without waiting for the device to be returned. Mission Control software language in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. Optional Parameters: Set start and stop for date and time of mission Set alarm levels for each axis individually Set Alarm Levels for both high and low temperatures (only Digi-Shock GT) Set g level threshold for storing data (i.e. set at 3g to record 3g or higher events) Set delta level for temperature data storage (only Digi-Shock GT) *Device can be ordered with g force level up to 25g or up to 100g. The 25g provides higher data resolution.
BoltCOR 30-17
BoltCOR 30-17 EN50155, Intel Core and Xeon Fanless Server The BoltCOR 30-17 is a fanless EN50155 certified server that is designed to exceed the requirements of rolling stock applications in the Tx temperature class; it is extremely rugged and suitable for any project where consistent performance and reliability are a must. With up to 32GB of ECC DDR4, soldered down CPUs, mSATA storage and an S2 class power supply, the BoltCOR 30-17 is extremely reliable; conformal coating, a vent-free design and a sturdy build add extra protection to a compact, 295mm deep, 1U rack-mount chassis. Based on standard COM Express, it is available in a range of high performance configurations, including Intel 6th Gen Core i7, i5, Celeron and Xeon D 15xx CPUs, with a selection of cores (2 to 8) and frequencies (up to 2.8Ghz). Expandability options include two HDD/SSD drives, key-locked swappable storage bays, internal mSATA, a user-accessible SD slot and RAID levels 0, 1, 10 and 5; additional peripherals can be added via 3 miniPCIe and one x16PCIe slot. The BoltCOR 30-17 features a wide range of radio and wireless capabilities, including cellular carrier pre-certified system configurations. Customization options include internal and external global cellular modems, dual modem/dual SIM configurations, MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a GPS with Dead Reckoning. The BoltCOR 30-17 affords unprecedented system configurability: off-the-shelf configurations and build-to-order variants out of a palette of CPU, power supply, memory, storage and I/O subsystems options. Designed for rolling stock applications, the BoltCOR 30-17 offers long term availability and support programs that ensure continuity of supply and customer service.
BoltGATE 20-25
BoltGATE 20-25 EN50155 Multi-Service Gateway & Edge Controller The BoltGATE 20-25 is EN50155 certified and is designed to exceed the requirements of rolling stock in the Tx temperature class. With IP65 rating, it is extremely rugged and suitable for any application where consistent performance and reliability are a must. Based on the Intel Atom E38xx processor family, with up to 4GB of RAM and 8GB of eMMC, the BoltGATE 20-25 offers extra storage expansions through optional internal or removable 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD, mSATA, and a user- accessible microSD slot. At 30W max, the BoltGATE 20-25 is a fanless, compact unit that provides a large number of communication and I/O interfaces: two Gbit Ethernet, protected USB (one USB 2.0 for general purpose and one USB 2.0 for maintenance), four opto-isolated serial (RS-232/RS485/RS-422) interfaces, eight opto-isolated DIO plus odometer and key signals, audio line in/ out and video. It also features a wide range of connectivity capabilities including a global cellular modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a dedicated internal GPS with Dead Reckoning. As a result of its modular design, the BoltGATE 20-25 can easily be customized for the requirements of the target application. With three full miniPCIe slots, it can accommodate additional connectivity or communication options and, through Eurotech Professional Services, it can offer custom front panel configuration and connectors or customized software images. The BoltGATE 20-25 comes with Linux and Windows operating systems. It also includes a genuine Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 Virtual Machine and Everyware Software Framework (ESF), a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/OSGi middleware for IoT gateways. Distributed and supported by Eurotech, ESF adds advanced security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access and full integration with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech’s IoT integration platform (separately available).
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