CoreModule 740
CoreModule 740 PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer with Intel Atom™ Processor witrh ICH8-M Chipset The CoreModule 740 SBC is an exceptionally high integration, high performance, Intel® Atom™ N450 processor based system compatible with the PC/104 standard. This rugged and high quality single-board system contains all the component subsystems of an ATX motherboard plus the equivalent of several PCI expansion boards. The Intel Atom N400 series CPUs integrate processor cores with Graphics and Memory Hubs (GMHs),providing low-power, high-performance processors, memory controllers for up to 512MB of onboard SDRAM memory, and graphics controllers which provide LVDS and VGA signals for most LCD video panels. The ICH8-M chipset provides controllers for the I/O Hub (Southbridge) featuring two USB ports, one Ultra DMA 33/66/100 IDE port supporting two IDE devices, and one PCI port. The CoreModule 740 provides legacy interfaces through the SMSC SCH3112I-NU Super I/O featuring two serial ports, one parallel port, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, and one floppy port. The CoreModule 740 can be expanded through the PCI expansion bus using the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors for additional system functions. This bus offers compact, self-stacking, modular expandability. The PC/104 bus is an embedded system version of the signal set provided on a desktop PC¡¦s ISA bus. The PC/104-Plus bus includes this signal set plus additional signals implementing a PCI bus, available on a 120- pin (4 rows of 30 pins) PCI expansion bus connector. This PCI bus operates at a clock speed of 33MHz. The CoreModule 740 is particularly well suited to either embedded or portable applications and meets the size, power consumption, temperature range, quality, and reliability demands of embedded system applications. It can be stacked with ADLINK MiniModules™ or other PC/104-compliant expansion modules, or it can be used as a powerful computing engine. The CoreModule 740 requires a single +5V AT power source.
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